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We are excited about your interest in becoming a D & G Bait distributor and wish to thank you for your inquiry. We are always pleased to add new dealers to our team! With one of the finest fishing bait distribution networks in the Northwest, D & G Bait looks forward to sharing the growth and success of our company with you.  We believe that the expansion and achievement of our company is directly tied to a close relationship with our distributors along with a strong commitment to provide support. We feel it is our responsibility to provide you with all the necessary product information, customer service aid, and marketing assistance that you need in order to ultimately make your business a success with our fishing bait products.

Bait distributors nationwide who have added our products to their product line are doing very well. We are sure that some, if not all of our products will become your best selling items. Many distributors have found this profitably true.

Take the next step and join our team.
Please complete the dealer credit application form below.  Once you submit it, we will contact you with further information.  Again, we thank you for your interest in D & G Bait and look forward to working with you soon.

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  • Open Account Terms Are Net 15 Days. All Past Due Accounts Are Subject To Finance Charges Of 10%. The Undersigned Agrees To Pay All Applicable Interest, Collection Charges, Court Costs And Attorney Fees Incurred In Obtaining Payment In Full.

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Wholesaler Order Information:
Phone: 503-557-BAIT
Fax: 503-557-8642

Clackamas, Oregon