Live Fishing Bait

Our live products are so fat, sassy, wiggly, squirmy and fresh that it takes longer to get them on the hook than it does to catch a fish. We recommend and distribute live Mealworms, Nightcrawlers and Sand Shrimp (Ghost).

Packaged with the D. & G. Bait Inc. logo.
These products are sold packaged, or in bulk to wholesalers and retailers.

Our live bait is hand sorted and custom packaged in our D & G Bait, Inc. styrofoam or cardboard containers. Available in bulk with 500 each, and 1000 each, in a box.

The bedding consists of a blended mix of rich nutrients with the right PH and H2O for extra life longevity.

Compare the cost of losing a worm to losing a lure and you’ll see that fishing with live bait can be less expensive. Many fishermen today still choose to use live fishing bait and not
only do they choose to use live fishing bait, but they choose to
use worms. When it comes to live fishing bait
we automatically think of worms. And rightly so as fish of all kinds like to eat worms and therefore bite worms. As a matter of fact you would be hard pressed to find a freshwater fish that does not like live worms.

This is definitely awesome freshwater fish catching bait.
! Anywhere !

Product Individually Packaged Bulk Product Code
Mealworms 24 Per 4 oz. Cup 96 Minimum 612
Nightcrawlers 1 Dz. 48 Minimum 602A
2 Dz. 96 602B
500 Each Carton 500 Minimum 602C-500
1,000 Each Carton 1,000 Minimum 602C-1000
Sand Shrimp 1 Dz. 48 601
2 Dz. 96 601A
D & G Bait - Live Fishing Bait

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