Cured Fishing Bait

Our fresh cured Guide’s Choice┬« products are processed in our special cure that enhances the natural flavors of each cured product that we provide.
Hand selected and sorted.

These are extremely effective fish catching products for both fresh and saltwater fish.

Guide’s Choice┬« cured bait is by far the hottest proven fishing bait for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, trout, catfish, bottom fish and other species. Saltwater fish eat it like candy!

Cured in a “fish frenzy” bait cure with fluorescent colors so bright you almost need sunglasses. Different colors of baits catch fish on different days due to the sunlight and water clarity.

Northwest anglers have caught literally millions of fish with our cured fishing bait!

This is a natural bait that catches fish anywhere and everywhere !

Product Container Size Colors Available Code
Sand Shrimp 8 oz. – 12 Per Orange 601B
8 oz. – 12 Per Pink 601C
8 oz. – 12 Per Natural 601D
Prawns Tray – 12 Per Pink 605A
Tray – 12 Per Orange 605B
Tray – 12 Per Red 605G
Prawn Tails 4 oz. – 10 Per Pink 605C
4 oz. – 10 Per Orange 605D
4 oz. – 10 Per Red 605H
D & G Bait - Cured Fishing Bait

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