Where To Buy D & G Bait, Fish Bait

We Offer Complete Line Of Processed & Packaged Fishing Bait

You’ve tried the rest, it’s time to fish the best®

You can find D & G Bait products through several local retailers here in the Northwest or purchase them directly on our convenient “Online Bait Shop”.

D. & G. Bait, Inc. is a producer of fishing bait products that are distributed in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to provide fishermen with an excellent quality product to fish with and convenient locations to purchase these products.

We have become one of the largest fishing bait manufacturers and distributors.

Our products are very unique and have a definite advantage to fisherman, guides, and bait distributors nationwide who
are very pleased to use and distribute our bait with great success.

We are sure that some of our products will become your bait of choice.

You can find D & G Bait products at hundreds of stores and distributors.

Here are just a few of the stores in the Pacific Northwest that carry our complete line of fishing bait products:
BI Mart
Fishermans Marine & Outdoor
Fred Meyer
Also available online at our convenient “Online Bait Shop”.

“There are just no finer fish bait products out there for catching fish”

Over the years we have developed and perfected what fishermen of the Northwest have found to be the finest bait products in the world.

With generations of family fishing, field testing, and more than 30 years of scientific studies we have developed a line of bait products and curing ingredients that fish can’t resist.

All of the finest custom packaged products a fish could ever dream of. Cured, pickled, fresh, and frozen with the renowned Guide’s Choice® label. Nightcrawlers, mealworms, salmon eggs, sand shrimp, herring, anchovies, sardines, squid, crawfish, smelt, prawns, and much more. 

Our bait includes the packaging of live perishables, processed, frozen, cured, preserved, color enhanced, and custom packaged attractively for the fishermen’s eye. We begin by using the actual food source that fish consume. We process, cure, preserve, color enhance, and custom package our products. These methods ensure maximum freshness with an extended shelf life.

Our product sells because it really works!
Over 30 years of experience has proven just that.

The products that America fishes today.
Please try our various bait products that you feel will work the best in your area to catch the type of fish your fishing for.

Over a hundred fishing guides in this region rely on our products for their livelihood. To accomplish this they must produce fish “on the hook” to have their customers keep coming back. This says a lot about the quality of D & G Bait products.

We sell our fish bait products to retailers and wholesalers.
You can now place your orders for our fishing bait directly from the us on our convenient on-line D & G Bait Shop Store.

Products Of Oregon
All of our products are harvested, processed, and packaged in Oregon.

We sell our fish bait products directly to retailers and wholesalers.

You can now place your orders for our fishing baits directly from the us on our convenient on-line D & G Bait Shop Store. Please click here to purchase online at www.DGBait.net.

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