Fishing Bait

D. & G. Bait, Inc. is a producer of fishing bait products with distribution throughout the Northwest. For over 30 years our goal has been to provide fishermen with excellent quality bait to catch fish with and convenient locations to purchase these products.

Recently Joe’s Sports, Outdoor and More, formerly G. I. Joe’s has closed. They carried our full product line making our fishing bait easily available.
You can now place your orders for our bait on the on-line D & G Bait Shop Store.
Please click here to purchase online at

We would like to re-direct all of our loyal Joe’s customers to the following stores that carry our complete line of fishing bait products:
BI Mart
Fishermans Marine and Outdoor
Fred Meyer

D. & G. Bait, Inc.
Established in 1980, D. & G. Bait, Inc. has become one of the largest wholesale fishing bait distributors in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years we have perfected many fishing baits, which include packaging of live perishables, frozen, processed, cured, colored enhanced and custom packaged attractively for the fishermen’s eye.
All are trademarked and registered under the name of Guide’s Choice®.

These bait products really are the hottest baits in the Northwest.
We know they will catch fish anywhere. Get ready to be the envy of other fishermen.

With generations of family fishing, field testing, and more than 30 years of scientific studies we have developed a line of bait products and curing ingredients that fish can’t resist.

All of the finest custom packaged products a fish could ever dream of. Cured, pickled, fresh, and frozen with the renowned Guide’s Choice® label. Nightcrawlers, mealworms, salmon eggs, sand shrimp, herring, anchovies, sardines, squid, crawfish, smelt, prawns, and much more. Our bait includes the packaging of live perishables, processed, frozen, cured, preserved, color enhanced, and custom packaged attractively for the fishermen’s eye.

We begin by using the actual food source that fish consume. We process, cure, preserve, color enhance, and custom package our products. These methods ensure maximum freshness with an extended shelf life.

These methods ensure maximum freshness and extended shelf life.

Our products sell because they really work!
Over the years experience has proven just that.

Hatchery And Wild

The Future Of Pacific Northwest Salmon And Steelhead

The Stories That Need To Be Told
Sport, Tribal, and Commercial fishermen don’t always agree and are often times at odds with each other, but we agree that hatchery and wild salmon are very important to our way of life.
Check out the new video “Hatchery AND Wild” to hear stories that showcase the cultural, ecological, economic, and social importance of Pacific Northwest fish, both hatchery and wild.
You will never view hatcheries the same way again! Get involved and make a difference by signing the petition today.

Watch The Movie !
Sign The Petition !

    • Salmon
    • Chinook Salmon
    • Coho Salmon
    • Chum Salmon
    • Pink Salmon
    • Sockeye Salmon
    • King Salmon
    • Silver Salmon
    • Red Salmon
    • Blueback Salmon
    • Kokanee
    • Silver Trout
    • Humpie
    • Humpback Salmon
    • Pacific Salmon
    • Alaska Keta Salmon
    • Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha
    • Oncorhynchus Keta
    • Oncorhynchus Kisutch
    • Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha
    • Oncorhynchus Nerka
    • Barbel
    • Bass
    • Bluegill
    • Bonita
    • Bream
    • Burbot
    • Carp
    • Catfish
    • Char
    • Chub
    • Cobia
    • Cod
    • Crappie
    • Croaker
    • Drum
    • Flounder
    • Grayling
    • Grouper
    • Hake
    • Halibut
    • Lincod
    • Mackerel
    • Mullet
    • Muskellunge
    • Perch
    • Permit
    • Pike
    • Pollock
    • Pompano
    • Porgy
    • Rays
    • Rockfish
    • Roosterfish
    • Seabass
    • Seapearch
    • Shad
    • Sharks
    • Sheephead
    • Skate
    • Snapper
    • Snook
    • Sole
    • Steelhead
    • Sturgeon
    • Sunfish
    • Tautog
    • Tench
    • Tilapia
    • Trout
    • Tuna
    • Turbot
    • Walleye
    • Weakfish
    • Whitefish
    • Wrasse