Nectar Scents

Guide’s Choice® nectar scents are made from real sand shrimp, prawns and salmon eggs that are purified into a fish catching potion that fish find irresistible!

Guide’s Choice®, “The Real McCoy” nectar scents are hand processed and bottled for freshness. This product has become quite popular in the Pacific Northwest with guides and fishermen who want that added edge for caching more fish.

Nectar scents are produced from purified and refined Pacific Northwest sand shrimp, salmon eggs, or arctic prawns.

Use to enhance fresh bait, lures, drifters, jigs, yarn, flies, and anything you use for baiting fish, with the scents of salmon eggs, sand shrimp, and arctic prawn. Custom packaged in a 4 oz. plastic squeeze bottles for easy application.

Available in three nectar scent flavors: Salmon Egg, Sand Shrimp, and Arctic Prawn.

! Great for freshwater and saltwater fish !

Product Container Size Code
Salmon Egg Nectar 4 oz. bottle 620D
Shrimp Nectar 4 oz. bottle 620E
Prawn Nectar 4 oz. bottle 620C
D & G Bait - Scents For Lures or Baits

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